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Slipping Into Slippers - There Are More Choices Than You Realize

I don't know about you but at the end of the day there is almost nothing better than to prop your feet up and watch a little TV or read a good book with your feet kept warm and comfortable in a pair of slippers. This is one type of footwear that will never go out of style and not only do they help keep you feet comfortable but they do much more. In addition to keeping your feet warm they also help keep them clean and protect them from unseen sharp objects such as carpet tacks or staples.

One of the more popular types of slipper is the slide. The name comes from the way that the slippers are constructed with the back being open all you have to do is just slide your feet into them and you are good to go. These are probably the most desirable of all because you can just leave them under your bed in the morning and just roll over and slip them on. These come in a wide range of styles and sole thicknesses. If you want a slipper that is more comfortable choose one with a well padded sole.

Sock slippers have really gained a lot of popularity lately. These comfortable slippers are really a thick sock with rubber treads on them that guard against slipping. One of the great things about these is that they are easily washed in the washing machine, although you may want to avoid throwing them in the dryer if you want the rubber treads to last as long as possible. These are the same type that are issued to you if you ever have to go to the hospital these days.

The "footie" slip on is another great style of slipper. These may closely a ballet shoe so they are maybe better suited for the more feminine of the population. They are usually made of a flexible material and sometimes a terry cloth fabric is used for the comfort and warmth it provides. These are on of the more comfortable styles of slippers available.

Of course today as with any other footwear on the market there is an enormous diversity of choices in slippers. You can find traditional slippers that are nondescript or you can even find them fashioned after nearly any cartoon character that you can imagine. You can also find them for men, women, and children so there is no excuse why anyone should have to go without a nice pair of slippers.


A Look At British Made Shoes

British Made Shoes

Men's British made shoes are known throughout the world for its durability, comfort and stylish designs. Many shoe manufacturers from all over the globe move their production factories to the United Kingdom because of the coveted "Queen's Award for Enterprise." United Kingdom is the world's leading footwear manufacturer. It has the world's leading and innovative designers. Over 90% of the production of men's British made shoes is for export. Men's British made shoes have an exceptionally large variety of types of footwear. The types of men's British made shoes are the following:

Goodyear Welted men's shoes

Goodyear welted men's British made shoes are produced by a procedure that was discovered three hundred years ago. A long strip of material that is called welt is sewn to the insole and the upper of the shoe while the sole or outsole is separately attached to the welt. Hence, the name Goodyear welted footwear. The hollow spaces created by the inseam connecting the outer and inner sole are filled with flexible materials that mould the shape of the feet which makes this type of men's British made shoes exceptionally comfortable. Goodyear welted shoes are highly adaptable to any shoe style. This type of men's British made shoes flexibility, strength and comfort. In the late part of the 19th century, machines were developed to aid shoe manufacturers. Most of the shoe manufacturers that use this kind of process are based in the county of Northamptonshire.

Men's Safety Shoes

It is mandatory in the United Kingdom to wear safety shoes. That is why we often times see a "CE" mark on our footwear. It means that, that particular product has complied with the requirements that are specified in Regulations. Most safety shoes protect the wearer's feet from chemicals, molten metal, slip, impact, penetration, crushing, extreme heat or cold and explosive atmosphere. British shoe manufacturers have wide experience and technical strength when it comes to safety shoes manufacturing.

Men's Designer Shoes

A lot of the world's most influential and famous shoe designers are found in the United Kingdom. A lot of those designers who are knowledgeable in designing shoes are educated in the United Kingdom, although there are others who choose to base their business there.

Men's British made shoes are the world's most fashionable shoes. The footwear industry in the United Kingdom has over the years developed a large more fashion and cost conscious lifestyle. United Kingdom's shoe manufacturers have vast knowledge in the current fashion trends. They have a comprehensive logistic method and international contact. United Kingdom's shoe industry has a strong control when it comes to quality.

Today the demand of men's British made shoe is high. A well known shoe brand that has a shoe manufacturing in the United Kingdom boasts that it was exporting and average of 20,000 pair of shoes. Forty percent of those are sold to the European markets.


How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Shoe For Your Upcoming Wedding

If you have a wedding coming up you have many things to plan for and buy to make your special day as perfect as it can be. One of the issues that you probably are concerned with is for is to find the perfect wedding shoes to go with the wedding dress you have chosen. There are so many decisions to make just regarding the choice of shoes it can be a little overwhelming for many brides to be. How do you decide whether to wear flats or heels, open toes or sandals? There are so many diverse styles, designs, and colors from which to choose that it really can be a tough decision. To make it easier let's break it down step by step.

First off we need to look at what you have chosen as your wedding dress, if it hasn't been made yet you at least know the fabric and color and for the ensemble to look as coordinated as possible your choice of wedding shoes should be as closely matched to the dress as possible. You should endeavor to match the color and fabric of your dress to the shoes that you choose.

If you are attempting to make your legs appear longer and have chosen a shorter dress then you may want to choose 3 inch heels to assist in making your legs appear slimmer and also make your legs appear to be longer than they actually are. If you choose the open toe style that is so popular today don't neglect having that pampering pedicure so that your toenails look flawless for your big day.

If you are having your wedding outdoors as so many are doing these days you may decide to wear some type of wedding sandal. Where I live in Florida beach weddings are all the rage and we have people come from all over the world to get married on our beaches because the sand is so white and the water is so clear and beautiful.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you will only be wearing the shoes for the ceremony. You will more than likely be wearing the shoes for most of the day as you go to your reception and you will be greeting guests, dancing, etc. With this in mind it important that the wedding shoes you choose be comfortable and fit properly on your feet, you don't want sore feet on your honeymoon!


Clog Work Shoes for Women

Nothing is worse than wearing uncomfortable footwear when working a long day at the office. Even if you are not standing or walking for work, having comfortable shoes can make all the difference. Many women opt for a stylish and comfortable clog shoe for work and it is easy to see why.

Clogs are a very popular and durable style of footwear for the office and beyond. They came about in the seventies and were based on a traditional wooden clog worn in centuries past. Today, they can be made of materials such as wood, leather, cloth, suede, canvas, and synthetic materials. Modern clogs come in both open backed and closed back styles, so if your company does not allow open backed shoes, you can still find a clog work shoe to fit your work needs.

Generally, clog shoes have a very gradual heel that helps with balance and overall shoe comfort while still giving women a little height and shape. Additionally, they generally have ample inner padding and support to ensure that you feet are not sore or aching by the end of the day. This lining can also eliminate odor or moisture that can cause problems throughout the day.

Many clogs come in standard neutral colors, but they can also be found in an array of patterns and fun colors to accent may outfits and match a woman's personal style. This makes them a great option for the working woman who wants to show her personality in her clothing and footwear while maintaining a professional and comfortable appearance.

Clog work shoes have stood the test of time as styles change. The ease with which they can be slipped on and off is also a benefit, making them a quick option when moving from office to outside and more. The attractive shape and form of these work shoes makes them a great match for many different outfits. They are attractive and versatile for women of all styles, whether you are more comfortable in dresses, pants, or skirts.

Celebrities as well as the general public have gotten a taste of the clog shoes trend and it continues to reign in the fashion world today. With its combination of comfort and style, clog work shoes for women are a style staple, not to be leaving the fashion cannon anytime soon, making them a safe investment in comfort and style for years to come.


How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Have?

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath, gather yourself, and think. How many pairs of shoes do you have? This might seem like a strange question to ask yourself, but take it seriously. Imagine your closet. Start counting on your fingers. They're starting to add up now, aren't they? Remember the racks of shoes you bought last year and hid away because you didn't have enough space? Those count too. If you're like a lot of people, the truth should be dawning on you that you have many more pairs of shoes than you could possibly use.

How many shoes do you use regularly? How many do you really need? If you subtract that number from the total you own and still have a lot left, why are you buying more?

This question does not apply to shoes alone. In contemporary society, people are using credit cards to buy inessential things they don't need, and then running into huge amounts of unmanageable debt. Shoes illustrate the problem, but they're only one of many items people buy that they do not need or use regularly.

Why do we do this? Many people have a problem known as "compulsive shopping". Compulsive shopping is an addiction similar to gambling or even drug or alcohol addictions. People shop to get a "rush" or "buzz" that gives them immediate pleasure and helps them cope with feelings of loneliness, sadness and isolation. These feelings often increase during the December holiday season, when people might feel isolated from family or seasonally depressed. Compulsive shopping increases accordingly during this time.

Compulsive shopping can destroy lives. Credit card bills add up, and with interest debt loads can balloon to the point where they're out of control. People can lose their homes, their savings and put their futures at risk by continually compulsive shopping.

Think back to those pairs of sexy shoes. Why did you buy them? Were you feeling sad, lonely and bored one day? Did you decide to seek comfort with a trip to the mall? Did you see the shoes and get an immediate flutter of pleasure, a high that took you away from your depression?

If so, you have nothing to be ashamed of. In retrospect, your behavior might seem silly and superfluous. You might feel embarrassed and too ashamed to share your problem with another person.

If compulsive shopping is a problem in your life, you are not alone. You are part of a community of millions of people. The best thing you can do is seek help. You can talk to a professional therapist or psychiatrist, or you can just seek out a level-headed and compassionate friend who will understand your problem and help you make better decisions.

You should destroy all credit cards except one for emergencies, and pay for all new purchases with cash or a debit card. Keep a meticulous budget. Allow yourself some money to spend for pure pleasure. Just not more than your income will allow. As time goes on, that closet full of shoes (along with your debt load) will get smaller. You will become happier, more financially sound and feel proud of your good money management.


How High Quality Custom Hand Made Shoes Are Made

Footwear is created from a great variety of different substances like canvas, leather, vinyl, and other synthetic materials. The vast majority of footwear is mass produced but the highest quality shoes are those that are made by hand. Of course handmade shoes are as a rule more expensive than those made on an assembly line.

If you want the best possible fit and the most comfortable shoes possible then you will want to choose those that are handmade and custom fitted. Footwear like this will come from high quality handpicked leather which comes from animals such as pigs, cows, or even exotics such as snakeskin and alligator. The highest quality leather will be soft and pliable with some degree of stretch to it in contrast to lower quality leather which you may find to be very stiff.

The great thing about custom shoes is that they can be created to have additional custom features such as additional arch supports for those who may have flat feet or other components that you may need due to a particular foot condition. Handmade shoes are also sewn together much better than manufactured shoes in most cases and this is usually done with heavy nylon thread. The result of this is a more durable shoe that will last longer than normal.

Custom handmade shoes use patterns just like other items such as clothing and the shoe makers usually pick out the raw materials by hand. The leather that is chosen to build a particular shoe is then cut into several sections to make for the custom fit and design.

Just like patterns are used for making new clothes and outfits, patterns are also used to construct a new pair of shoes. After the pattern is cut for the shoe into various shoe parts, the process of putting the shoe pieces together can be explained in three steps:

There is a wide range of shoemaking methods and depending upon the style and the pattern of the footwear you are considering it will be your choice as to whether to go with mass produced or custom made shoes. If you are looking at dress shoes or shoes that you intend to keep for a long time, the custom handmade shoes may be well worth the investment just for the comfort alone in addition to the fact that they will last quite a bit longer. You don't have to be wealthy or affluent to enjoy handmade shoes.


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